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About S Revista

S Revista is the premier luxury lifestyle magazine for Spanish speakers, catering to discerning readers who appreciate the finer things in life. From fashion and beauty to culture, travel, and dining, S Revista provides exclusive content that showcases the best of luxury, capturing the essence of what the S represents: society, style, sophistication and sensuality. S Revista currently reaches more than 20,000 subscribers with an average net worth of $2M+. 


Lucy Morillo, Esq.


Lisbet Fernández-Vina

Editor In Chief


Daniel Timiraos

Creative Director

Marcia Morgado

Lifestyle Editor

Maite López Pino

Senior Associate Editor

Sofia Marie Fleites

Associate Editor

Digital Production

Aldo Millones/ Deskiny Productions

Audiovisual Producer

Angela Morales / Deskiny Productions

Social Media Management


Angel López


Terry Zarikian

Food & Dining

Ronald Rodriguez

Wine & Spirits

Maria Avich

Real Estate

Melissa B. Rivero Sanchez-Parodi

Social Photographer

Yamila Lomba

Social Photographer


Madelin Bosakewich

International Sales & Marketing

Bertha M. Moreno

Publishing Manager

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Media Inquires

For media inquiries, please contact:
Lisbet Fernández-Viña

For permissions and reprint requests, as well as editorial, business, and production questions please contact us at

Our Leadership Team

Lucy Morillo, Esq.

Lucy Morillo, Esq. is a seasoned business strategist specializing in growing new enterprises and transforming companies and organizations in the third sector. An attorney by trade, Lucy is an expert negotiator and communicator who is able to influence, persuade, motivate and train world-class teams. With a passion for representing socially responsible organizations and female-led enterprises, Lucy co-founded Coral-Gables based LM & Associates (LMA) in 2017. A woman of influence and leader in the community, Lucy has been featured in numerous media outlets, including CNN en Español and Ocean Drive Magazine. In 2016, People en Español Magazine named Lucy one of the 25 Most Powerful Latina Women in the U.S.

Lisbet Fernandez-Vina
Editor In Chief

A reputable journalist, marketing and public relations executive, with more than 20 years of experience. With an entrepreneurial mindset, Lisbet co-founded LMA in 2017. Prior to diving into the entrepreneurial world, Lisbet built experience in the nonprofit arena with communication roles at the American Red Cross, Miami Children’s Health Foundation and Jackson Health Foundation. From 2006 to 2023, Lisbet served as the editor-in-chief of Selecta Magazine, a monthly publication considered at the time, the magazine of choice among upscale Hispanics. Additionally, she served as editor-in-chief of CasaLife Magazine, managing editor for Lincoln Road Magazine and senior beauty and fashion editor for Glamour En Español, a CondéNast Americas publication.

Madelin Bosakewich
Sales & Marketing

As a global business development and marketing executive, Madelin has devoted her professional life to connecting iconic luxury brands with selective audiences worldwide. She has a proven track record in the industry, generating multi-million dollar revenues. With a career spanning nearly 30 years in the publishing world, Madelin has a vast experience bridging content production with business strategy to build powerful brands. Most recently, Madelin served as Managing Director for Grupo Expansión, Mexico’s second largest magazine publisher. Prior to this role, she worked for Newsweek Media Group as Vice President of Digital and Branded Content Sales. Madelin has also held senior leadership roles in prestigious publications such as Condé Nast, Televisa and Zoomin.TV.